Office hours

One of the things I loved about being at University was having access to experts. I frequently made use of ‘office hours’ to get further insight that I might have missed during tutorials. However, in the real world it seems that this access to knowledge isn’t quite as free flowing.

I want to make sure that the knowledge I have from working with dozens of companies of all sizes and coaching hundreds of people is accessible to all. So, alongside all the information I already offer for free via the Rosseau Academy, I’m starting office hours. They’ll be somewhat irregular at the start and dictated by my schedule but it’s a start.

The idea is simple. You can sign up for 30 mins and we can talk about an issue your’re facing in your organisation or in your leadership. Maybe you’ve taken over a new team and you’re not sure how to bring everyone together, maybe you’re a new manager and you’re not sure how to build rapport and trust, maybe you’re a senior leader and you’ve got some ‘people issues’ that you’d like some insight on or maybe you’re a tired and busy leader who doesn’t know where to start. Whatever the case this is your 30 mins. Just book a time that suits below and send me details for how to connect with you.

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