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Our approach

Organisation Development puts people at the heart of solving problems relating to organisational health and sustainable organisational performance. The need for Organisation Development can arise when a business discovers any manner of problem for example are you noticing that productivity is dipping, or that your top talent is leaving? If so, an Organisation Development intervention could be the solution to understand and correct the issue.

Organisation Design is how you align the structures of your organisation with your culture, strategy and mission. Our approach works to deeply understand the dynamics at play in your organisation and co-creating a solution with you that allows you to unlock latent potential.

Example projects

  • UK public sector - Behaviour change - development of a new set of behaviours in response to organisational transformation in order to embed new ways of working and increase engagement

  • Transport company - Organisational redesign - redesign of delivery teams following an operating model redesign to cut costs whilst increasing productivity

  • Global finance function - Organisational redesign - redesign of a global finance function within a multi-national organisation. This project was an operating model and organisation redesign to reduce complexity and cost.